4 Ways I’m Preparing for Labor and Our Homebirth

4 Ways I'm Preparing for a Homebirth

This week it happened. If you’ve had a child you know what I’m talking about. That moment where you look over at your partner and you both “realize” you’re fixing to have a baby. Yes, we’ve known the whole pregnancy we’re having a baby. It’s not like we didn’t. Something switches when your due date is suddenly just a handful of weeks away though. It’s this moment of awareness that a new person will be here very soon. An awareness that I need to get ready preparing for our homebirth. Like yesterday.

That feeling of urgency is exactly where I find myself now. I think planning a homebirth does add another level of this urgency, but maybe not…. I have a birth space to create, birth supplies to gather (thankfully they’re mostly already ordered), and a house to get cleaned. Well, I would say the clean house is pretty standard for a nesting mom regardless of place of birth. (Wall washing anyone?)

So how am I preparing for our upcoming birth?

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Here are 4 ways I’m preparing for a homebirth:

1. I’m helping my body preparePrenatal Supplements

(please note that I am not a medical professional. These are simply what have been recommended to me)

  • I’m taking my “last weeks” supplements
    • I have my thyroid meds I’ve taken since having my thyroid removed in 05.
    • I take my prenatal and magnesium my entire pregnancy (past bp issues had my MW advise taking it the entire time my next pregnancy. Worked great with The Mister so I’ve continued this pregnancy).
    • I drink 1-3c of red raspberry leaf tea mixed with coconut water daily. (I make my rrl with tazo passion tea and honey because I prefer the taste of it).
    • Things I’m adding these last few weeks



5-W (this I still won’t start for a couple of weeks)

    • I’m seeing my chiropractor weekly

We weren’t able to swing getting adjustments my whole pregnancy this time but you better believe I’ve been seeing her weekly the last few weeks. Making sure everything is in alignment and The Littlest has enough room to get into optimal position is a top priority around here for preparing for a homebirth.

Since we won’t have a doula this time he wanted to take something hands on so he could better support me. (Kudos to The Husband).

2. I’m getting my birth supplies together

Homebirth Supplies

(this is everything for labor, 3rd stage, immediately postpartum, and “first day of life” stuff for me & baby)

  • Every midwife has their own “birth kit” list. For us, this time, we’ve gone a bit minimal (after all the things we didn’t use the two previous births). We’ve also added a few things we wanted extra not in your standard kit. Both my last midwife’s birth kit and our supplies this time were ordered almost completely from In His Hands. (I love them).

Here’s a general list, although we won’t have everything listed here (in no specific order):

  • Labor outfit (with the oldest here and photographer I prefer to stay clothed)

Nursing Sports Bra w/ Scripture Print (bra from Crunchy Love Co on Etsy and had print placed from local shop)

Swim Skirt (for pool)

  • Birth Ball
  • Birth Pool


Hose and adapter

Air pump

Pond Pump (to empty the pool)

Thermometer (to check water temp)

  • Birth Stool (we have a squatty potty on hand if I want it)
  • Chux pads
  • A towel or two
  • Washcloth (even though I’ve never used it)
  • New scissors
  • Plastic drop cloths (for bed & floor)
  • Extra sheet(s) for bed and couch
  • Herbs (these I have are specifically for after birth/3rd stage bleeding)
  • Olive Oil
  • Peri Bottle
  • Clock
  • Placenta bowl
  • Trash bag
  • Large Ziploc bag(s)
  • Gloves
  • Cord Tie (and we added an umbi-ring because I LOVED it last time)
  • Peroxide
  • Scale (which we’ll use with our ring sling)
  • Bulb Suction
  • Gauze pads
  • Ibuprofen/herbs (afterease)
  • Pads (I will be using pp minky topped cloth pads from Pampered Shop Pads on Etsy)
  • Cloth/paper tape measure (we opted for our cloth one we already had)
  • Snacks/drinks (I’ll have my “laboraide” I make with rrl & coconut water pictured above)
  • Honeysticks (I’ll be making peppermint flavored honeysticks because they were great for the nausea I had in transition)
  • Blood typing kit
  • Diapers/wipes
  • Baby clothes
  • Baby blanket(s)
  • Postpartum clothes
  • Mesh panties (yes, like the ones you get at the hospital because they’re AWESOME).
3. I’m getting my birth space envisioned
  • Last birth we were set up in our bedroom. This time we have another little that sleeps in there so if they’re sleeping I don’t want to have to disturb their space. (I do kinda hope they’re up though so they can be present).

I’ve decided to set up in the living room! (should be getting that re-arranged this weekend)

Here’s a pic of my space last time!

Birth Space

My must-haves for my space are:

  • Lights (I love string lights and they’re great at providing some light even if I want the big lights off)
  • Affirmations (I still have these hand-lettered affirmations that I were made/gifted to me by a dear friend)
  • Music (I always make a worship playlist)
  • And of course the pool (even if I birth on land water is amazing in labor)
4. I’m watching LOTS of birth videos and reading encouraging material 
  • The book “Homebirth On Your Own Terms” by Heather Baker has been awesome. Both The Husband and I have been looking through. (It’s made a great reference type read).
  • I made a playlist of birth videos when I was preparing for our last birth. I was very choosy of them and went with “pretty” birth videos that kept a feeling of peace & strength. (Yes, birth is gritty but I needed peace in my headspace so that’s what I prepped with). I watch them all. the. time. I even watch these with the kiddos, so they can be familiarized with the setting as well.

Here’s the birth video of The Mister’s birth, his birth story, and you can find my full playlist here.

So that’s it… I think(?)

Doing what I can preparing for our homebirth physically, spatially (is that the right word?), and mentally. Hoping I don’t forget anything but also reminding myself that it’ll be fine even if I do. My body and baby are going to do their thing regardless of what I do/don’t have.

It’s crazy to think that here in just a handful of days/weeks we’ll be welcoming The Littlest into the family. Right here in our home (barring nothing goes sideways), just like we did The Mister.

Have you had/planned a homebirth? Was there something else that you found vital that maybe I missed? Let me know!

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