Over the Moon Baby Shower

Over the Moon Balloon Garland Post Pic

This weekend I got to throw my favorite (okay, my only) sister an “Over the Moon” baby shower. This is her first baby so of course I couldn’t wait to plan it.

Since the moment I found out I was going to be an Aunt I was in planning mode..

Well, just about anyway…

My sister was barely 4 months pregnant when I had the theme and invitation suite done.

Don’t judge me.

I was excited.

First, I have to share

How I chose “Over the Moon”

Over the Moon decor collage

Pin it and keep reading.

It’s important y’all and has some sentiment sprinkled in.

So, following my sis on social media I saw that “over the moon” was a phrase she said occasionally. Considering how loved this baby was from the instant we found out about them it just made sense.

Plus, my sister loved it.

Fast forward a few weeks and we got some pretty life altering news. First, my sister was having a baby girl.

Yay! I was going to have a niece!

Second, the ultrasound showed what they thought was either gastroschisis or omphalocele. It was later confirmed to be an omphalocele. (If you don’t know what omphalocele is check out this infographic).

It was devastating. And scary.

Full transparency, we all cried.

Planning was paused for the time being. As the weeks went on we all gained more clarity on baby girl’s diagnosis and felt like our feet were getting back under us. By us, I really mean my sister as this is her journey into mommy hood and her baby. When my sister was ready to continue I got back on to planning and celebrating this new little girl joining our family.


How amazing it is being able to celebrate the life our YHVH, God creates?!

It was during this time I joined some support groups with my sister, one being “MOO” for Moms of Omphalocele.

And that’s when our sweet little spotted cow joined the decor.

Isn’t he adorable?!

Little Cow On Over the Moon Invitation

Because of Baby Girl’s special circumstances I also worked with my sister to make a registry info card.

Some might consider it a faux pa, but with the journey they have ahead of them I felt it more than understandable to make such requests.

New Moms and Dads deserve to be supported how *they need*.

Baby Shower Registry Insert

It had been a long time since I had planned a real party of sorts so I tried to keep things fairly simple.

With just a few DIY projects things went fairly smooth.

Over the Moon Decor

Balloon garlands seem to be all the rage these days so I really wanted to get one for the shower.

I found the perfect garland from Haight Avenue on Etsy. (If you’re needing a balloon garland I HIGHLY recommend her shop).

I decided to go with the plain white with gold accents that she had.

With the space in mind I knew the 6 ft would be sufficient.

On the day, it made the perfect backdrop for our gift table!

Balloon Garland With Moon and Stars Behind Gift Table

I don’t know if you’ve ever done one of these but it did take a bit longer to put together than I thought it would.

I was VERY glad I blew up the balloons and put the brunt of it together at home. (Transporting it this way vs. bags of blown up balloons was MUCH easier).

Still, I ended up pretty rushed and didn’t get all the smaller balloons on it…. I don’t think you’d ever know it though and it still looked fantastic.

Right? Right.

I also found this great Over the Moon cake topper that worked perfect on our


Cheesecake from a local vendor, Mad Batter Cheesecake.

Strawberry Cheesecake with Over the Moon Cake Topper

Shower Cheesecake on Cake Platter

The cheesecake & topper made a wonderful centerpiece to the food table!

Baby Shower Food and Cake Table

Right? Just GORGEOUS!

We had a spread perfect for a luncheon even though it was supposed to be a late afternoon snack.

That’s okay… can you ever really have too much food?

Of course not!

Babyshower Food Table Spread

And you see those cookies back there?…

A friend who just launched her local cookie business, J & M cookies made them!

And added our sweet Over the Moon cow!

Over the Moon Cow on Sugar Cookies

I seriously love this little cow!

The cookies were so cute. AND so yummy with a zing of lemon in the icing.


I’m not usually a fan of sugar cookies.

I really liked these though!

Sugar Cookies Collage

Of course I wouldn’t forget the other details of decor.

Simple twinkle “star” filled jars with star confetti for centerpieces. (So easy to make with these fairy lights & some black tulle).

Over the MoonTwinkle Star Centerpieces

Lots of framed signs.

Gift Table Sign

And little “Over the Moon” details wherever I could, including on my vintage luggage.

Next stop…

Luggage Tag "Over the Moon"

We also opted for a book for the guestbook vs some of the more traditional options.

Storybook Guestbook "God Gave Us You"

(I know, I should have taken a pic with the book closed… oops #badblogger).

All of the details were simple and sweet. Really highlighting the excitement we have for the arrival of this new little girl!

Of course, we also had some Over the Moon games.

What would a shower be without games?

I’m admittedly not a fan of traditional shower games SO I refuse to have them at showers I throw.

Does anyone really like  guessing the chocolate poop and eating baby food?

We don’t even feed our babies baby food here. Lol (BLW for the win!)

Back to what we DID have though.

Because we were trying to stick to a tight 2 hours for the shower (we had BIG family pics afterward), I opted for 2 “passive” games and a highlight team game.

1. Don’t Say Baby

Don't Say Baby Game with Sign and Clothespins

Because it’s just so easy and fun to catch others (and maybe yourself) slipping the “B” word. Not that “B” word, the BABY “B” word.

2. Shower BINGO

This was for guests to play during gift opening, because we know that being watched the whole time AND just watching someone open gifts can get a bit awkward.

I made the cards for the shower, going for already filled in prints. Yes, I made 30 different cards.

Baby Shower Bingo Cards

Just as I was finishing them up though I saw some with just put out BLANK square cards instructing guests to write in what they think will be the gifts!

If that’s more your style then be sure to sign up for my email list to get your own shower bingo card print!


This was by far my favorite part of planning and day of game.

It was my mom that suggested Jeopardy because she had played it at a recent shower but, y’all know me, I had to take it a notch up and DIY something awesome.

When I googled, I found a number of posts sharing the standard question/answers along with a shop you can buy a, great, already made one.

Taking in the inspiration I headed to Hobby Lobby and made one myself for about ¼ of the price!


Baby Shower Jeopary Game

Baby Shower Jeopardy Game Close Up

Not gonna lie though, I was totally missing my old cameo doing this project.

In the end it came out great AND was a lot of fun!

Do you know how often a baby is born in the world?….

What is every 3 seconds!

This game is seriously one of the most fun shower games I’ve seen. It certainly rivals my previous favorite of “Baby Pictionary”

And that one is fun!

If you’re planning a shower, I highly recommend it!

All in all the day was a blur of setting up in 2 hours flat, lots of love and hugs, FOOD, and family pictures that followed. (That’s coming soon in a future post).

My sister enjoying food at her baby shower

We can’t wait to welcome this new life into our family!


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