The People Who Matter

Prepare for sentimental text ahead about these guys…

The Husband

The guy is my best friend. We met in the young adults group at our church and were friends for years before we dated… admittedly because I was a bit weird about him being younger than me. *gasp*. Over the years though he won me over through our friendship and just a month into our dating we were engaged. Marriage has been a roller coaster with it’s hard seasons but he knows me better than anyone (on earth anyway), is my best friend, partner, a great father, and I’m glad YHVH made me his.

The Littles

The Oldest
The Little Lady
The Little Mister
The Littlest

The Littles… they’re who have made me the mom I am. So much of what I’ve learned about humility, giving oneself grace, how much our words matter, and that YHVH truly equips us has been learned through being their mom.