Things you might like to know about me

In no particular order of importance…

  1. I am a follower of Yeshua, Jesus and so glad YHVH saved me.
  2.  I’m getting old, or maybe I already am… just kidding, I think it’s great being in my thirties.
  3. I’m honest to a fault. Many don’t like it but it’s something my (very small circle of) friends love about me. It’s something I like it about me.
  4. I have four kiddos: one by emergency cesarean, one hbac to non-emergent hospital vbac, one hbac, and a planned unassisted to non-emergent hospital vbac.
  5. I’ve been married 9 years to my best friend. (You can meet him and the rest of the family here).
  6. I love coffee… what mom doesn’t?..
  7. I do contract work for a ministry home for women as a Virtual Assistant… it’s a family ministry so you’ll probably hear about it here.
  8. I’m a South Texas girl and I would have to audibly hear YHVH to ever consider moving. Seriously.
  9. I tend to miss jokes because I’m super literal BUT I’m also super silly. I know, what a combo. I’m an “odd bird”.
  10. I used to have a handmade business making paper flower bouquets for weddings, gifts, and decor. Sometimes I miss making pretty thing BUT I’m glad to have more time with my family since apparently making things is time consuming. Who knew?

Did I miss something?…

What I hope you find here

You could say this blog has been years in the making. Really, it’s been something I’ve had a heart for since I knew about blogs so my hope is that by sharing my heart, you & other moms will feel a bit less alone and like you have a friend that “gets it”.

Hanging out here you can expect honesty, vulnerability, and some quirk when it comes to sharing life in the “categories” many of us find ourselves: marriage, family, walking with God, and utilizing a planner (because aren’t we all trying to grasp some kind of order to our daily chaos?). I hope to give insight & share hope from the things I’ve learned over the years, even in the darkest of seasons.

So please, pour yourself some coffee (or tea or whatever you prefer) and stick around for a bit. I’m glad you’re here & hope you enjoy your time reading these pages as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing my heart on them.

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