3 Reasons Why You Should Do Yearly Family Pictures

For years we didn’t do “family pictures”. They weren’t something I did growing up so as an adult, I didn’t think they were that big of a deal. Especially when considering the cost of them. We did family pics once when The Little Lady was a toddler but really, it just wasn’t a priority. (I know, I used to be that person). A few years ago that changed though. I met our photographer, Heather, and every year since we’ve done a family session. I couldn’t imagine not doing family pics now. So here are my reasons why you should do yearly family pictures.

1. They aren’t selfies

Yes, we live in the day of selfies. They’re fun and our pocket cameras make it easy to capture these moments… they’re still selfies. If you’re like most, we rarely look back at them, aren’t going to give them out to family, and are pretty unlikely to put them up on the wall (unless you have a specific look you’re going for). We “document” the moment, but don’t necessarily catalogue it.

Selfie picture with The Mister

Getting professional pics done allows you to spend time with your family just being you. Our photographer has captured candid moments of each of us that a posed selfie simply can’t capture. It gives you something in a high quality that you can print, share, and enjoy for years to come. If you’re like me, it also means you get to have fun curating outfits. (If you need tips on choosing your family photo outfits I’ve got you covered here).

Professional Picture with The Mister(this one is printed and on our wall)

2. You get to be in the picture TOO

Okay, I know many moms have trouble with this one. On one hand we are sad that we aren’t in most of our pictures (because we’re the ones taking them) but on the other we don’t exactly want to be in the picture because we’re our own worst critic.

Here’s the truth though, something I’ve even told friends of mine feeling insecure about their own family pictures… our husband, kids, friends, family, they see us EVERYDAY exactly how we look. We only see us when looking in the mirror or pictures but THEY see us all the time. And they LOVE US. Not being in the picture isn’t hiding us from anyone. All it’s doing is keeping us from being part of the moment.

Mom and Daughter Playing Together Professional Picture

SO BE IN THE PICTURE!!!! Have those documented moments where our kids can look back and see us WITH THEM.

3. They document your changing family

I think the biggest thing that hit me square in the face this year is how. much. our kids and family change in such a short time. We know that time seems to fly by when it comes to our kids growing up but actually seeing that?… WOAH.

Why You Should Do Yearly Family Pictures ComparisonThe Oldest

Why You Should Do Yearly Family Pictures Comparison Little LadyThe Little Lady

Why You Should Do Yearly Family Pictures Comparison The MisterThe Mister

Our sessions from 2018 to 2019 were only 14 months apart. That is it. I don’t even have the same kids I had a year ago! *gasp*

Seeing them daily, I knew they had “grown” but without these I would have totally missed how much they had grown and changed. These are the things we don’t get back. Capture them!

And our family as a whole? We’ve changed too! We’re now expecting Little #4 (any time now) and see The Oldest there… see how tall he’s gotten?!

Choosing Family Picture Outfits

Why You Should Do Yearly Family Pictures Comparison Pics

While these are my 3 reasons you should have yearly family pictures done I’m sure there are so many more one could think of.

We have so much to gain when getting family pics done and so much to possibly miss when we don’t make getting them a priority. Thing is though, you often don’t realize it until it’s too late. I have years of our family that are only caught in blurry, subpar, cell phone pics (that I admittedly haven’t looked at in years). We can’t go back. Once the year is past, it’s past.

Make capturing this season of your family a priority. THIS YEAR. Fall season is PERFECT for family pics. DO IT!

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